• Bay6 Makes it easy to...
    • swap between internal & external dimensions using standard or non-standard frame depths
    • use supplied sizes to get the dimensions required for your frame manufacturing
    • calculate frame sizes using adjustments for standard bay-poles selected based on the angles
    • generate bow window dimensions from flat window sizes
    • adjust for sliding sash box frames, packers, reveal liners & cill horns
    • input bay items from Facets & Angles, Facets & Strings Sizes, String Sizes or Projections & Facets
  • Who buys Bay6?

    Bay6 has been bought by well over a hundred companies, with many of them purchasing multi-user licences. The types of companies using the standard program ranges from self-employed surveyors, through all sizes of window manufacturers.

    In addition, a major curtain-rail manufacturer & distributor, for whom we developed a badged variant of Bay6 specifically for calculating curtain rail lines, not only distribute it exclusively to their many trade customers, but also use a multi-user licence in-house for their own production, utilising the production paperwork & ability to link to automatic rail-bending machinery.

  • Now available directly from us...

    Originally sold exclusively throughClear Thinking (Software Ltd but, as they are now concentrating on their core business of software for glass companies, we came to an agreement that Bay6 would now be available directly from us, the authors, C.B. Software.